What to Do If iPad Won’t Turn On

iPad Won't Turn OnPeople will usually get panic when they have their iPad Won’t Turn On. iPad is part of their daily activities and even art of their life. When it is failing to turn on, there is definitely something wrong with the iPad that should be fixed. IPad won’t turn on can be caused by many things. Check out the options below that might be the cause and enjoy some tips to solve the problem.

Critical Low Battery

iPad won’t turn on can be caused by the fact that it does not have battery left to live. IPad also requires longer time to respond on charging, and that means it is impossible to make the iPad work after 1 minute of charging. Dead iPad should be charged at least one hour to see the effect. After that, the iPad will come back to life. There is a note however. If there is no sign of charging i.e. no battery logo and such, there is probably something wrong with the charger.

Stuck in Logo

iPad sometimes does not want to finish loading and it is stuck in Apple logo. This is time for hard reset. The simplest solution is to connect the iPad into PC or MacBook. After connected, press and hold home button and power button at the same time until there is a respond on the PC. There will be some sort of instruction to restore or update. Select the update to cure the iPad without removing any data. It requires internet connection, and it is important to be patient to solve the problem on iPad won’t turn on.

Another Hard Reset

If using iTunes for hard reset seems complicated, it is actually possible to press hold power and home button at the same time until a slider shows up. It is actually a procedure to return iPad back to life which is not typically used. The reason is because if this method is about to be tried, it means there is really something wrong with the device.

If all of those efforts do not work very well, it is time for asking professional help. Official Apple support will assists any users who have difficulties in turning on their iPad. It is basically the most effective way for iPad won’t turn on because it will be fixed professionally. However, it is highly recommended to follow those previous steps before asking for professional help.

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