Tips To Fix Apple Pencil Problems

Apple Pencil Tutorial Tips– The Apple pencil is a wonderful crafting tool. You can use that ultra-smart tool to write creative ideas and to develop eye-boggling drawings. However, if you find any difficulty to have fun with this cutting-edge device, it is the indication that your lovely pencil requires some fixes to re-enable it for creative working on your iPad screen.

Here are the Apple pencil problems and how to fix it.

  1. Tip Tightening
  2. Recharge
  3. Reboot
  4. Re-pair
  5. Recheck
  6. Contact Service Center

Apple Pencil Problems

apple pencil problems

Tip Tightening

Due to continuous working, your Apple pencil’s tip get loose. It can happen anytime but you don’t any need to worry about that issue, because that issue could be fixed without disturbing your pocketbook. You have two easy options to fix that issue such as you can replace the tip with another one that arrives with the packing Box.

The second option is to re-tighten it but with slight pressure, as you know that your pencil is a type of fragile like device.

After that, get assure it is working, hope it will.


To assure that your beloved pencil’s battery is working or not! It sounds crazy but you should heed on that issues to ensure flawless and uninterrupted working. To get assurance, you just need to pull down ‘notification center’ to check battery levels.

If there are low battery signals, you need to plug your pencil into lighting port, rest will be auto done. However, for full charging, you need to charge your iPad for 8-10 hours.

If you are still facing issues after applying above tips, please keep reading that article.

Apple Pencil Tips
Apple Pencil Tips


If your pencil hangs and does not give the desired results as per your pencil or finger impressions, you just need to follow reboot process, it is very simple. Just turn off your iPad, wait for a minute and then turn it on. In the case, where your iPad is not getting off via the button, here you need to hard reset means you need to detach battery and then put it back to switch on the iPad.

If your problem solved, enjoy your pencil; otherwise, please keep reading, if you are not satisfied.


To get assurance, your pencil is properly paired with your iPad, you can check it, easily. You only need to go ‘setting’ then to ‘Bluetooth’ and ‘My Devices’ section to check your pencil status; please note that you should find ‘My Devices’ option under the ‘Bluetooth’. Alternatively, you can use ‘Notification Center’ to check you pencil pairing, inside the ‘Batteries’ section.

If the problem still persists, you need re-plug your pencil into iPad for pairing.

You need to pull the page down more, if your problem is not resolved.


If you are facing still some issues, you need to go Home screen and tap on something there. If it is working, means that your iPad and pencil, both are functioning and good in health.

Remember, your Apple Pencil is not as capacitive as your finger touch. So, you need to use its writing or drawing option to check the working of your pencil. For the ease, you should use built-in note app to assure pencil’s working. You should select the writing and drawing tool properly to check your pencil working.

Contact Service Center

If your pencil problem is not resolved, as yet. At this stage, it is inevitable for you to have professional repairing services that are provided officially. If repairing store is located nearby, you should go there or if you are living in any far-flung area, you should go virtual by shooting an email or contact to any official service center.

If above-described tips worked for you, please provide your feedback, we are very glad to hear you. We also welcome your critics, if your Apple pencil problems is not resolved but service center option works.

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