Things You Can Do with Siri in iOS 10

Things You Can Do with Siri

Siri Third Party Apps

The iOS 10 brings some improvements in Siri as it gets smarter and better with the app integration. It has a better API, allowing users to speak to it more naturally. Your personal assistant can now understands context, allowing users to speak so direct.

You can now use your personal assistant to open and use some apps, like Uber, Pinterest, or even Square Cash. So, here’s things you can do with Siri in iOS 10:

Book a ride

The iOS 10 improves Siri with apps integration. Now you can book a ride from Uber or Lyft. Simply tell your personal assistant your destination and the service you choose. You can download Uber or Lyft on iTunes.

Send Messages via third-party apps

The iOS 10 allows users to send messages through third-party apps like WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Confide, Convo, and Telegram. Other messaging apps are on the way. You can download each of the apps via iTunes.

Make a call

You have more options to make a call with Siri via third-party apps like Skype, Essentials MobileConnect

By Vonage or Cisco Spark. You simply have to tell your personal assistant to make a call via the apps you choose. You can download the apps via iTunes.

Monitor your Workouts

Now you can use your favorite workout apps with Siri. Simply use your voice to activate apps you need like Zova, Runtastic, Map My Run, Blast Baseball 360, Seven, or Nike+ Run Club. More apps are coming soon. Click the download link and enjoy your workout with your personal assistant.

Send Payments

The iOS 10 allows users to use Siri to Payments send or request a payment without have to open an app. Just tell your personal assistant which service you want to use. You can choose PayPal, Square Cash, Venmo, or Discover Mobile.

Use your Favorite Apps with Siri

Now you can use it to enjoy your favorite apps like Pinterest, Vogue Runway or The Roll. More apps are coming to Siri and will make your life easier.

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