Setup New iPhone/iPad with iOS 11’s Automatic Setup

iOS 11 Automatic Setup
iOS 11 Automatic Setup

How to Easily Setup New iPhone/iPad with iOS 11’s Automatic Setup

iOS 11 Automatic Setup Tutorial – Released on September 19, the iOS 11 introduces major design changes and new app features. It arrives with revamped control center, Drag and Drop, peer to peer Apple Pay, Automatic Setup, Do Not Disturb driving mode, more intelligent Siri and more.

In iOS 11, it will be easier and faster for you to setup new device thanks to Automatic Setup feature. So, when you buy a new iPad or iPhone, you simply have to hold your new device near an iOS device or Mac through Automatic Setup. It will then automatically transfers your personal settings, preferences, and iCloud Keychain passwords to your new device. Check out the following iOS 11 tutorial for more detail.

iOS 11 Automatic Setup Tutorial

  1. Make sure your both device runs iOS 11
  2. Make sure your device is already set up and connected to your iCloud account
  3. Put your both devices close together
  4. Turn on your new iPhone or iPad
  5. Press the Home button to start the setup process
  6. Tap Continue on the Set Up New iPhone/iPad prompt on your old device
  7. You should see a code appears on your iPhone or iPad
  8. Scan the code
  9. Enter the Passcode from your old device
  10. Continue the setup process on your new iPhone or iPad
  11. Agree to the terms of services and the other legal agreements

That’s it and your iCloud information as well as Wi-Fi settings are all transferred over during the Automatic Setup process. Some iOS 11 users have been reporting that the new Automatic Setup on iOS 11 have save their time as it take only a few minutes to complete the setup though they still have to spend more time for downloading apps.

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