Printing from iPad Methods

iPad is almost like a laptop without a hardware keyboard and sometimes we need to do printing from iPad. There are three methods of Printing from iPad. Here, we will discuss about each methods one by one.

How to print from iPad

The first printing from iPad method is using Air Print connection. This is a method of printing using wireless method. The first thing that we must do in this method is getting ready with the printer. Using this method, we need to connect the same wireless network with our iPad. Every printer has its own way to connect to the network.

Printing from iPad

However, we need to check out that the name and the password of the network is right when we put in. Then, get ready with the picture or whatever that we want to print and click the action button. Choose Print button, and choose our printing mode that is the Air Print in our network. We can choose the number of the printing and then finally touch the Print button.

The second method of printing from iPad is by using HP ePrint. This method is for those who have their HP printer which has no AirPrint support. Here, we can use the HP ePrint application in printing from our iPad. First, we need to connect our network with the printer. We need to install the application inside our computer first in order to get the printer installed properly. Make sure the name and password is right.

Then, we need to install ePrint application inside our iPad through the App Store in free. After that, choose the printer by tap the left corner of the iPad and choose Printer Select. This is using cloud service so we need to register the ePrint about our valid cloud account like Dropbox or Google Drive. Finally, we can choose the file that we want to print by selecting print setting and choose to print the file. A moment, the printing will be done.

printing from iPad using HP ePrint

The third method of printing from iPad is by using Google Cloud Print. This uses wireless mode but we need to have Google Chrome application first inside our computer and the iPad. Signing in into the Google Cloud Print and set the Google Cloud Print. Click add printer to connect the printer then, we must go to our Google Chrome in the iPad. Then choose the printer we had register to our Google Cloud Print and finally we can easily do printing from iPad.

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