Is iOS 10 Jailbreak Possible?

Is iOS 10 jailbreak possible? Many iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch owners want to make jailbreak. Most of them love cracked apps and some of them love new setting. iOS 10 is currently not available for download as Apple is working on the new version of iOS 9. However, people have been so curious about the upcoming iOS 10 which will likely be announced on June this year.

iOS 10 Jailbreak

iOS 10 jailbreakSo, the question is, will iOS 10 jailbreak be possible? Well, unfortunately some rumors about the upcoming iOS suggest that Apple will increase the security system in their operating system. It is said that the company will put iOS 10 rootless security system that will make iOS 10 jailbreak impossible. Well, that is a bad news for jailbreak lovers.

iOS 10 Rootless

Apple’s new security system or iOS 10 rootless technology will be a new enemy for jailbreakers. A new report even stated that the iOS rootless system is aimed to prevent users to gain access to some file systems on iPhone, iPad or Mac, or to iOS 10 functions, even from administrator level. For several years, jailbreakers have been succeeded in jailbreaking iOS as there have been holes on the operating system which allow them to gain access to parts of the system.

iOS 10 is still months away and the official release date of the company’s upcoming operating system isn’t conformed but rumors and leaks about it have been spreading around the web. If Apple stick to its release date schedule, then we might see the iOS 10 in June on WWDC event. The iOS 10 beta download link or iOS 10 download link will be available here soon. If iOS 10 jailbreak possible, we will also put the download here. But now we only have to wait and see for its coming. So, stay tuned to get iOS 10 guides.

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