iPhone Wifi And Bluetooth Setup Tutorial

iPhone has many functionalities, and you can connect it with different devices. If you are new to iPhone and you do not know how to connect to your WiFi networks through Bluetooth, there are different ways of doing that. You can connect to other devices through your device Bluetooth. Thirdly, you can equally send files through Bluetooth.

iPhone Wifi And Bluetooth Setup Tutorial


How to connect iPhone to a WiFi network

With your iPhone, you can easily connect to any WiFi network as well as secure, open, and hidden networks. To connect to a WiFi network power on your phone and head to settings and to WiFi.  Turn the WiFi on. When you switch it on, you would observe that the device would search any WiFi networks that are available to you.

From the several options made available to you, tap the one that you want to join and you would observe the network displayed at, the upper left corner of your mobile phone would display it.

The instruction above is for an open network. There are instances where you need to connect to a secure network. It is secured because it is protected using passwords. To be connected to such a network, head to your setting menu as usual, access WiFi, and turn it on.
Second, search for the secure network you want to connect, and tap it, and enter the password and click join. You will always join the network when you provide the correct password. If you provide the incorrect password, you cannot join.

When you join, you are going to see it displayed on your mobile device.

You can equally connect to any hidden WiFi networks. It is called hidden networks because they would not appear among the available networks. This means that you have to search for it using the correct name.

To join such network, you have to take the same procedure. Open settings Menu and find Wi-Fi and turn it on, tap the Other.  Input the correct name of that hidden network and click on security. Various security types of options would be made available to you, choose the security types. There are instances where the hidden network is not secured.

When you tap the Other Network, it will return you to the previous screen. Input the password and tap again in order to join. When you have joined, you are going to observe it displayed.

How to Set Up Bluetooth on an iPhone

With your iPhone, you can easily connect to another device through Bluetooth. This is possible because iPhone has an inbuilt Bluetooth support device. With this, you can easily connect to other Bluetooth devices. The best device that can be connected through this method is the Bluetooth headphones. Apart from the headphones, you can use it to connect to other devices such as keyboards, computers, and other iPhones, as well as iPads, and iPod touches and so on.

In order to connect iPhone Bluetooth device and other devices, you need to pair them so that they can communicate with each other. There are instances where other parameters like pairing code or PIN are required. The code can be paired in both devices in some instances. However, many pairing do not require a PIN before the pairing can work.

When the device is paired or you are prompted to do it, it is necessary that you complete the action so that the Bluetooth sharing can actually work. This is how to go about it.

Go to the Setting Menu and then tap the General, and then the Bluetooth. When you tap off, the Bluetooth will start and you would observe that the status would turn ON. When that becomes the case, it will start looking for other Bluetooth devices within reach. You can equally observe the other status that is termed Now Discoverable; this implies that other devices with Bluetooth can equally discover it.

Put that other Bluetooth device, which you want to connect on. The two devices would discover each other, and it will be possible to share between the two devices. Tap that device that you to connect your Bluetooth. Sometimes, it could require that password or PIN be provided, you have to provide them. Most devices would simply connect when the passkey is entered.

Moreover, with your iPhone, you can transfer files to other devices. This is usually done through Bluetooth. You have to tap Bluetooth sharing or Bluetooth File Exchange. You can transfer files from Bluetooth using AirDrop, or Handoff, or you can store your files in iCloud Drive.

Most importantly, you can transfer files with other Bluetooth devices. This is done through Bluetooth exchange. In the same way, you can browse files stored in such other Mac devices using Bluetooth sharing.

Here are steps to take iPhone to transfer files:

Power Bluetooth on your device on so that it becomes discoverable,

Secondly, get to the Bluetooth menu and select Browse File. A window would appear, from that window select the device, and tap browse. Search for the file that you want to transfer and click download. It would download the file. You can send the file after you have downloaded it. Click send the file and select the file you want to send, and click send. These are some of the things that you can do with your with iPhone.

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