iPhone Manual Charger

We all know that people can live without charger. It is due to the fact that smartphones that we always use depend on charger so much. Considering its importance, iPhone manual charger brings some innovations that may be quite interesting. One of them is manual charger. The idea behind this is to provide an emergency source of power that can be used for Apple products especially iPhone. It is called manual charger because it requires manual work to generate the power source. In addition, it is not merely a charger, but power bank that stores enough electricity to make iPhone survive longer.

iPhone Manual Charger

iPhone Charger Manually

It is important to note that this kind of manual charger is not always recognized by Apple. Third-party products such as this charger can lead to damage towards the iPhone. Even though the chance is very small, it is important to be warned beforehand. iPhone manual charger that is has good capability is usually rather big. Even though they are still considered as portable, but it is not really good solution for short traveling. Instead, it is really powerful item if there is no electric socket that can be used because it can generate electricity with the help of human muscle.

The manual charger requires the human power to rotate the crank for generating electricity. It is guarantee that the person will go tired after some rotations, but the result is worthy. It can light up the iPhone for 5 minutes for several purposes. Indeed, the power is not really high, but it is important to realize that the iPhone manual charger also has built-in power bank. That is to say, there is no need to rotate the hand crank as long as the charger still contains power. There are various models of this manual charger, and some of them offer different performance and quality.

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