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A new feature introduced into the tech sphere by Apple, iPhone Live Photos have revolutionised the way we take photos on our phones today. But what exactly is a Live Photo? And why has everyone been raving about it? This article will give you the run down on everything you need to know about Live Photo, in order for you to take advantage out of this must have feature!

iPhone Live Photos Tutorial

iPhone Live Photos

  1. What is a Live photo?
  2. Where can you get the Live Photo from?
  3. How does Live Photo work?
  4. How do I take a Live Photo?
  5. How do I view my Live Photos?
  6. Can I view Live Photos on my I-Watch?
  7. How do I share my Live Photos?
  8. How do I edit my Live Photos?
  9. How much storage do the Live Photos take up?
  10. How do I make a Live Photo my lock screen?

What is a Live photo?

Live Photo on iPhone is a new cutting edge feature, which allows you to turn still frame photos into audio-visual images. Any Live Photos you create can also be used as your lock screen or wallpaper. The creators of the feature boast that Live Photos enables users to create stunning 12 megapixel photos, that allow you to relive fond memories from the comfort of your phone.

Where can you get the Live Photo from?

Unfortunately you can’t get the Live Photo feature on older versions of the iPhone. The Live Photo feature is currently only available on the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone SE.

How does Live Photo work?

Your Live Photo is created by capturing a second of audio and video, prior to you pressing the shutter button which will take the still frame photo.

How do I take a Live Photo?

Taking a Live Photo is very easy to get the hang of, and only takes a matter of seconds to get started up. Opening the usual camera app on the iPhone, you will be taken to the normal photo taking screen where all your editing buttons are. You will need to ensure that the yellow button at the top of the screen is activated. Most iPhones will automatically have the yellow button activated, but if your yellow button is not activated simply press the button and it should light up. Without the yellow button activated, you will not be able to capture your Live Photo.

Once that step has been completed, all you have to do is just allow the phone to capture a second of audio and video. After allowing the phone to capture the audio and visual part of your Live Photo, press the shutter, keeping your phone still for a good few seconds. If you no longer wish to use the Live Photo feature, simply press on the yellow button again, and the colour will change to white.

How do I view my Live Photos?

Since a separate album was not developed, the Live Photos you have created can be found alongside your normal photos and videos, by clicking on your camera roll or gallery. Once you have accessed your camera roll or gallery, you will then need to open the thumbnail of the Live Photo you want to view, and then press on the screen tightly. Your Live Photo should now start playing. Once you want to stop playing the Live Photo, simply take your finger off the screen. As of recently, you can also now view Live Photos on your Facebook feed if you have the iPhone 6S or the iPhone 6S PLUS.

Can I view Live Photos on my I-Watch?

Yes, as long as you sync your photo album to your I-Watch, you will able to watch your Live Photos without a problem. You are also able to set your Live Photos as your ‘Watch Face’, so your watch face will be animated each time you turn your display on.

How do I share my Live Photos?

Sharing your Live Photos with families and friends is as easy as taking the Live Photo itself. All you need to do is open up the Live Photo in the photo app, and simply click on the share button, and then decide whether you want to share the Live photo as just a still image, or alongside the audio and video. If you decide that you want to share the Live Photo as a still image, just switch off the Live feature in the right hand corner. Finally, click on the place you would like to share your photo. Live Photos can be shared to Air-Drop, I-message, as well as your I-Cloud. Your Live Photo can be sent to any model of iPhone, but bear in mind that if you share it to an older iPhone model, the person will have to keep their finger pressed on the screen in order to view it.

How do I edit my Live Photos?

Unfortunately you are not able to edit your Live Photos from using the usual editing feature that you use for normal images. To ensure that your Live Photo is perfect, position your phone at the correct angle you want and also remember to keep your phone as still as possible when capturing your Live Photo.

How much storage do the Live Photos take up?

The amount of storage they take up can vary. If you use your front camera to capture iPhone¬†Live Photos, it is less likely to take up as much space than if you were using the rear camera. This is because the front camera Live Photo’s are only 5 mega pixels, whilst the rear view camera takes up 12 mega pixels. On average, each Live Photo will take up 7.1MB of your storage space. It is recommended that you don’t use the Live Photo feature frequently if you have minimal storage space on your phone, or that you invest in an additional SD card which will give you more room on your phone to take them.

How do I make a Live Photo my lock screen?

To set your Live Photo to your lock screen, go into the settings app and click on the Wallpaper option. Next click on ‘All Photos’, this will take you to where all your normal images and Live Photos are placed. Pick the Live Photo you want as your lock screen, then select ‘Set as lock screen’. Your Live Photo should now be set as your lock screen. It is recommended that you straight away check to see if your lock screen is now your chosen Live Photos by locking your iPhone and then re accessing your phone.

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