iPhone Carrier Update

iPhone carrier update is important because beside get the better feature, doing carrier update also can to solving the problem. Sometimes the great problem like the error connection in the cell tower, problem with voice mail, problem with data networking, problem with calling settings, or the other problems can be solved with carrier update. Doing the carrier update is very simple and it is not need a long time to do it.

iPhone Carrier Update

The Important of Do iPhone Carrier Update

Follow these instructions to update your carrier settings:

  • Make sure your device is connected to the Internet.
  • Tap Settings > General > About. If an update is available, a prompt will appear.

Go to General and tap about bottom. So the update is available. If your iPhone has connected to the internet, in notification to install update carrier settings, you choose the update and one click update bottom, so the update will immediately process and the settings will be updated. The carrier update is for calling, cellular data, messaging, voice mail settings, network, and personal hot spot. If you have had some problem in calling, cannot sent the message, cannot receive the voice mail, some error in the network, and cannot connect with personal hot spot is because you didn’t do the carrier update. People sometimes forget or don’t know about the important of carrier update, so they don’t know if the problem in their iPhone is because didn’t do the iPhone Carrier update.

You can also do manually check is there any new carrier updates in Settings and tap the General and choose the about. If any some new updates carrier, the notification will appear and you can do some update features immediately if your iPhone has connected the internet. Always do the carrier update will make the iPhone be better in work and you will get the best feature without any problem in your iPhone. iPhone Carrier update is also help you find the answer of some the problem that was happened in your iPhone.

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