iPhone Backup Photo Tutorial

iPhone Backup Photos – Some people think that photographs are very precious thing that can bring back memories. If that is really precious, one should protect it from being lost. One way to do that is simply by backing up the photograph. One cool smartphone, namely iPhone, can do such thing nicely. iPhone backup photos manually are also great for those who are selective in considering the best photos of all. Manual backup is actually quite useful to save limited space offered both in cloud or hard drive. Therefore, it is actually a good thing to do the backup manually.

iPhone Backup Photo

iPhone Backup Photos Manually
iPhone Backup Photos

Manual backup provided by iPhone is not totally manual. It is due to the fact that it is possible to make it automatic once the application is opened and the phone is connected. Regardless of the procedure, some people still do not know how to deal with this backup things. Backing photographs using iTunes is one of the easiest way. The photos will be backed up into the computers without hassle because the instruction both in the iTunes and iPhone is clear enough. iPhone manual backup photos using this method are recommended because it can be done without internet connection.

It is important to realize that backing up photos into a computer is risky especially when the hard drive is malfunctioned. Therefore, there is another excellent alternative worth to try. We know it too well by the name of cloud service. There are some providers for this purpose such as iCloud. It is the most dependable photo backup server, yet it is limited to 5GB only. Fortunately there are some alternatives for iPhone backup photos manually. The alternative is using Flickr or Dropbox service. The backup can be performed manually or automatically using either Wi-Fi or cellphone data plan. It all finally depends on the most convenient way of the owner.

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