iPad Running Slow:How to Fix it

Is your iPad running slow? Wonder how to fix it? Here we will discuss about things that cause slow ipad and how to make it run new again.

The first thing that we can do in order to avoid iPad running slow, is to close some applications that run on our iPad. If we run many applications in our iPad, of course, the processor will work harder than running few applications. When we click the home button, this is not closing the application. To close the application, we need to click the home button twice and choose the applications which want to be closed by tapping the application in the list until the application moves. If your iPad has many run apps, the iPad will run slower.

iPad Running slow

iPad Running Slow

iPad Tutorial – The next thing we can do to fix iPad running slow problem, is by uninstalling the unused application inside our iPad. To do this, you can tap and hold the apps icon until the application icon move. When it moved, drag it to delete the application completely.

The next thing we can do to fix iPad running slow problem and make it faster is by removing the media content. By removing the media content, there will be more space for the hard drive. More space for the hard drive, means more speed for the iPad to run.

Upgrading the iOS version is also affecting the iPad works. Speaking of upgrading the iOS version, then for the official, this is good for the iOS version. However, the updating iOS will be a thing that makes our iPad in a running slow problem. Upgraded iOS will need more space and system resource that will usually bigger than the previous version. This will makeĀ our iPad work harder. Besides, in iPad running slow problem, our application upgrade is one that cause the problem. In order to avoid the upgrade of the applications which are unused, we can set that the application to be not upgraded automatically.

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