iPad Reset Methods

There are many reasons why iPad reset becomes necessity. When it is required, you should determine the exact reset you want to be performed for your iPad. If not, you could lose some important files or customized settings that you’ve set.

Soft-hard reset

We all know that iPad has excellent software management. However, iPad can hang sometimes. Even pressing home buttons does not make iPad react, and when it happens there is a solution. It is called soft-hard reset because it will not delete any data. It is hard because it is a forceful action. To do soft-hard reset, you simply have to press the power and home buttons until the device restart.

iPad reset

Setting reset

The next iPad reset is from setting. It will make your iPad fresh just like new. To do this, go to settings, general, and reset. Every data stored in the internal memory will be erased including contact, login history, and such. It is good for two purposes: reselling matter, and uninstalling crap software annoying the system.


The next procedure requires a backed-up data if the owners do not want to miss anything in the iPad. This iPad reset needs the iPad to be connected and ‘synced’ with the PC. If yes, then the procedure is simply by clicking ‘restore the device’. If not, the next solution will guarantee a success. Typically if iPad is protected by password, it is a bad sign that this procedure will not work.


The next iPad reset method is using iCloud. It only can be done as long as the iPad is connected to internet no matter what the procedure is. Secondly, it can work as long as it is synced to iCloud service. The method is simply to log-in using other means to icloud.com/find. Follow the procedures and find any phrase related to restoring be it from backup or restoring just like factory setting.

Recovery Mode

This is supposed to be the last solution that should be performed. It erases all data seamlessly if the owners do not use iTunes or iCloud service. The procedure is quite simple as what needs to be prepared is a PC with iTunes. Meanwhile, the iPad is turned off and turned on again by pressing and holding home and power button until seeing recovery mode screen.

Those all iPad reset methods that should be performed differently depending on the current condition. All of the methods are fairly easy and quick especially if everything has been prepared.

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