iPad Pro Problems And Solutions

iPad Pro Problems – As good as an iPad Pro is in terms of functionality, it can be equally annoying at times. There will be times when your iPad won’t turn on or show a black screen. Moreover, it’ll also become unresponsive to your tap and touch or any commands whatsoever. Here are some common iPad problems and their workarounds:

iPad Pro Problems

iPad Pro Problems
iPad Pro Problems

1. Black Screen after Charging overnight (Workaround)

It is known that this is a common occurring in iPad Pro, especially when left for charging at night. To cure this problem, press the sleep and home button together for 10 seconds. Keep it press until you see the apple logo appearing. This will make your iPad work again, but the same problem may occur after the recharge. Some iPad users have claimed that the issue was resolved after turning on the “Hey Siri” feature. To turn this feature on, go to settings > general > Siri. Turn on the Siri and see if it works.

iPad Pro Black Screen

Possible Fix

Trying the following method may cure this problem in your iPad. Restore your iPad by putting it to factory settings. You can do this via the iTunes. This fix has worked for some people but is far from a permanent solution.

2. Unable to connect to Wi-Fi

Some users have complained that their iPad Pro refuses to connect to the Wi-Fi. This is a very common issue among most iPad versions. Fortunately, it is equally easy to fix.

Possible Fix

Turn off your iPad pro and the router and then turn both on again. On your iPad pro, press and hold the sleep and home key for at least 10 seconds until you see the Apple logo. This is an indication that the device has rebooted. Once both devices are restarted, go to the settings on your iPad pro > tap General and then Reset. Type your passwords into both devices. If you have MAC filtering turned on, better turn it off.

This is because your iPad’s MAC randomization could well refuse the connection next time you try. Simply keep the MAC filtering off and don’t turn it on. Perhaps your DNS Settings are causing a problem. If so, change them by going to the settings > Wi-Fi > and tap the “I” icon located next to your network. Move down to the DNS, tap on the numbers and change from to

This will turn on the Google server on your device. You can also use openDNS b typing or In case you are using a VPN protocol, you need update your device with latest updates. For this, your router’s firmware must be up to date. It would be better to contact your ISP provider and ask about your router model and firmware version.

3. Screen Flickering

iPad Pro Screen Flickering

Sometimes, iPad pro causes screen flickering without any visible reason. In this problem, the back light flickers repeatedly. This is particularly visible in at the corners of the screen, the dark areas.

Possible Fix

There is a high probability that this is a hardware issue and your device’s screen may be malfunctioning. Contact your retailer or call Apple support staff to replace your device. It has been observed that customers who had their screen flickering devices changed, never complained for flickering problem.

4. Hardware Shortcuts on Keyboard Not working

Yet another reoccurring problem on iPad Pro is the lack of response of hardware shortcuts on the keyboard. When this occurs, common features such as Command+Tab that go through different apps, stop functioning. Upon exploring deeper, this common has reappeared on many iPad pros using hardware keyboards.

Possible Fix

On surface, it appears more of a software flaw. Check settings General > Software and click “Update”. You must download the latest version of the iOS to rectify this problem. Upon updating, your iOS will ask you to update your keyboard. Technically, once your device is updated, this problem shouldn’t occur.

There is no denying that iPad Pro is among the highest performing tablets in the market today. They are reliable, sophisticated and highly functional. As far as glitches and bugs are concerned, they surface only to be cured.

Well, you just read the iPad Pro problems and how to fixes. I hope this will help.

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