iPad Not Charging : How to Fix It

iPad Not ChargingHaving a problem with your iPad? iPad Not Charging is usually a common problem for iPad users. Many things can cause this problem, and one of the most obvious one is using un-recommended Apple accessories specifically on charger and USB. Fortunately, there are solutions on how to fix the problem. The solutions depend on the main cause of the problem.

Use Healthy Accessories

This is the first solution you should consider. The accessories meant here are battery, USB, and the charger’s head, if separated. One can just borrow from a friend to check whether the failure is from the phone or the accessories. If the real cause is actually the accessories, then users are required to purchase a new ones. However, if the problem of iPad not charging persists, the one which is malfunctioned is probably the battery or the phone itself. Here is the procedure when it happens.

Cleaning up

The problem is definitely in the iPad itself. One thing that can be done is cleaning up the yellow socket of connector. The debris may block the current to be passed into the charger making the iPad not charging. The most effective way to clean it up is by using eraser, but any procedure is allowed as long as it cleans the connector without harming it.

Restarting the iPad

Sometimes restarting iPad really helps to make it able to be recharged for once again. However, this step really should be done at the peak of desperation level. If not, data could have gone away because of restarting. The procedure is simply by turning off the iPad. After that press and hold power and home button for 30 second until there is a respond. Follow the procedure afterwards to restart the iPad and try to recharge it. If it does not work, then go to the next solution.

Apple Support

If there is really nothing that works, it is better to directly ask Apple support especially for specific model. There is usually something very unique about each product and it does not allow the iPad to be fixed.

Apple support can also solve iPad not charging quickly especially in the most problematic situation. It is due to the fact that there is equipment to check such problem. This solution should only be performed once every step above failed.

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