iOS 10 Update: How To Update iOS 10

iOS 10 UpdateiOS 10 Update – iOS 10 is about to come. You will soon be able to get iOS 10 update on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and iPad Pro. Of course we are expecting a new experience on our Apple devices with the new iOS. When it is official, we will give you some tips and guide on how to update iOS 10.

iOS 10 update is also expected to arrive with some bug fixes and new interesting features especially when the upcoming iPhone 7 arrives.

The current iOS that runs on iPhone and iPad is iOS 9.2.1. In the next few months, iPhone and iPad users will be able to upgrade their iOS to the larger version, the iOS 9.3. As for the iOS 10 is expected to arrive soon after the iOS 9.3 update.

iOS 10 Update

Apple is expected to announce iOS 10 soon. The iOS 10 beta will usually be available for to developers soon after or within a few hours of the iOS announcement. Developers who want to install the iOS 10 update can test how their apps work on the new operating system.

Public will also be available to test the iOS 10 beta update but it might be available a month after the developer beta, meaning we could see the public beta for iOS 10 on July. By that time we will give you some guide on how to update iOS 10 beta.

The iOS 10 could bring a major new look but the company could also simply add new features to the iPhone and iPad just like those new features on the current iOS. So, what will the new iOS 10 update bring to the iPhone 7?

Apple’s WWDC 2016, which will likely be held in Mid-June, is the potential event for iOS 10 announcement alongside with a new version of OS X. More news and guide regarding iOS 10 update and how to update iOS 10 will be updated soon when it is official.

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