iOS 10 Problems

iOS 10 arrives with some iOS 10 problems and issues to some iPod, iPhone and iPad users. The new iOS has bring some improvements, new features and of course some bug fixes to its previous version. However a new bug also arrives and cause new iOS problems.

iOS 10 Problems And Issues

iOS 10 new features include a new feature of Siri / iCloud Voicemail, HomeKit hub, Rootless security system, and more. These new features are interesting. The new feature of Siri allows users to have their virtual assistant to talk to their callers and transcribe their voicemail messages into text. The iCloud Voicemail has replace standard voicemail. However, updating the new iOS is not always smooth meaning some iOS 10 issues may occur to some iPod, iPhone or iPad users.  Here are some iOS 10 trouble and how to fix them.

iOS 10 Problems

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