iOS 10 Hidden Features

iOS 10 Hidden Features – Finally, Apple has released the first official version of iOS 10 after months of beta testing. Siri is one of third-party apps that supercharges Messages with a lot of new superpowers after the update. It is possibly Siri and Messages become the stars of iOS 10, although there are still plenty of new features will make you excited – although it is not obviously.

Apple has totally overhauled iOS 10, where the first alteration we can see in the new operating system is the better 3D Touch features and also new ways to check your voicemail. But these are not all, here are 12 additions that will help you get the most out of iOS 10.

iOS 10 Hidden Features

iOS 10 Hidden Features
iOS 10 Hidden Features

Voicemail Transcription

You don’t need to be curious about your voicemails, iOS 10 will now transcribe it for you so that you can see the preview of the message from this transcription before you listen. The transcription may not 100{d958518d66e2fab10bd687335e21309afc6bdf3ca299be580bfbd8faab207cd7} accurate because it is still in beta, but so far it is pretty dang close. With this transcription, it’ll be easier for you to decide whether you need to listen your voicemail immediately or not.


Change your Home button back

Here is one new feature of iOS 10 that takes some getting used to, it is the new way to unlock your phone. With this new way, you don’t need to rest your finger on the home button. You just need to press it when you want to unlock your phone. Anytime you want, you can change this in your accessibility settings. Just go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button, from here you can switch on “Rest Finger to Open” if you want to use this to unlock your phone.

Notifications grouped by day

Apple has redesigned the notification center in iOS 10 in which all notifications are now grouped by day. With this new design, it is much easier to clear the screen where you can also use 3D Touch to clear all your notifications at once when you need to do so.


Control flashlight brightness

This is one of best part of iOS 10’s redesigned Control Center where you can control the brightness of the flashlight using 3D Touch. If you want to change the flashlight’s brightness, hard-press on the flashlight icon and then choose the brightness level you want: bright, medium, or low light.

Low-quality mode for photos in messages

This feature is quite helpful when you’re concerned about your data usage. Now, iMessage includes a “Low Quality Image Mode” setting so that you can save your data on this. Here is what you need to do for this feature: head over to messages from the main settings menu, then scroll down to the bottom to find the option. When this feature is enabled, it will only apply to photos you want to send and won’t affect the quality of images you received from other people.

Edit Live Photos

This is one of improvements to photos in iOS 10 that gives easier ways to edit photos, even live photos, this is new editing controls which includes a brilliance slider. These new editing tools can be applying to Live Photos; this is the best part. With these editing tools, you can edit live photos just as you would to any other image. One thing you can’t do with these tools: you can’t adjust the frames that appear within the Live Photos. But no worries, you can crop them, add filters and tweak the lighting. It’ll do more than you ever thought to Live Photos.


Close all tabs in Safari

As we know, we can have an unlimited number of Safari tabs open at once now, so it is possible for us to find ourselves with too many open tabs. When this happen, you used to close it one by one previously. Thankfully, you can now get rid of them all at once in iOS 10. What you need to do is just simply hold down on the tab button (the icon that looks like two boxes on the bottom right in Safari) to shut them all. When you need it, you can also tap the tab button and hold down on the “Done” button to bring up the same view. It is much simpler than previously.

Doodle on your photos

Now, you can make Snapchat-style doodles on any of your photos using Markup. The Photos app now allows you to make it on any photo. You just need to open an image in the Photos app and then tap the edit button, after that tap the “…” menu. This opens up the Markup interface which allows you to quickly add doodles or text to your selected photos.


Siri does selfies

Need to open the camera immediately to take selfie? Ask Siri to “take a selfie” to launch your front-facing camera. It is a handy way to open the camera when you need to take a selfie, although you still need to press the shutter button yourself.

Maps + apps

iOS 10 brings something new to the Maps. Now, Maps allows you to access third-party app, such as Yelp and OpenTable, from within the app. Tap on a location to pull up a new place card and the card will link to relevant apps to make a reservation or check out a menu. Maps is now this smart in iOS 10.


3D Touch notifications

3D Touch in iOS 10 is totally overhauled. This is one big improvement to 3D Touch in iOS 10, where you can use 3D Touch to interact with notifications. This is exceptionally useful for multitasking, as you can now do things like respond to incoming messages without leaving your current app.

Handwriting in Messages

As we know that Apple has made improvements to iMessages in iOS 10, but not all the new additions are immediately obvious to the users. One of hidden additions to the Apple’s iMessage is handwriting that can be added to messages. Actually, this handwriting is easily to be found whenever you want to use it. if you want to add a quick hand-written note or doodle to a message, simply turn your phone to landscape while in a message. When you are typing message with this orientation, the handwriting input will automatically appear. You can write or draw anything on the available screen after you tap on the handwriting input option.


The bonus it, iMessage automatically saves your most recently used messages, so you can send them again when you need it. if you want to delete one entirely, simply hold down on the image and delete. This is as simple as you remove an app.

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