iOS 10 Features, What To Expect

iOS 10 Features – iOS 10 is about to arrive this June and of course we are expecting new interesting features of the upcoming iOS. The current iOS, the iOS 9 has great features that make iPhone users satisfied.  So, what will the upcoming iOS brings?

iOS 10 Features
iOS 10 Features

Here are some expected features of iOS 10:

1.      Third Party Apps

For long time, some iPhone users have been waiting to get third party apps on their iPhone. So, having this on the iOS 10 would be one of the features that have been waited for.

2.      Siri API

Siri is one of the favorite features for iPhone users as they can do things simply by ordering Siri with their voice. Developers have been asking to get access to Siri API so if Apple put this feature in the next iOS, this would be great news for everyone.

3.      Delete unused apps

iOS arrives with its pre-installed apps. However, sometimes we don’t need some of these apps. At the current iOS, we will still have to see the unused apps on our devices as there is no way to delete them. So, having a new feature on the upcoming iOS that will allow users to delete unused apps would be great.

4.      Customized Control Center

The current iOS allows users to control the features simply by swiping the finger from the bottom of the phone to the upward direction. So, what to expect in iOS 10? Well, it would be nice if users can customize the control center by putting only the features that they need the most.

5.      Dark Color Options In Menu Bar

Mac users are happy for the dark color options on their menu Bar which are available since OS X Yosemite. Well, the current iOS 9 has not supported this just yet so it would be nice to see dark color options in menu bar of our iPhone as an option to the white background. Will iOS 10 arrive with this dark color options?

6.      Weather App on iPad

Having weather app on iPad is one of the wish lists of iOS 10 features. We can enjoy the weather app on iPhone but having the app on iPad would be great.

7.      Multiple iPad Users

Sometimes iPad users need to use their device with family but this Apple device is currently personalized. There is no support for multiple users. We don’t really expect to get multiple users for iPhone as it is a personal device. But having a multiple users support on iPad will help families who need to use the device together with their own account and password.

8.      Only One Apple ID for all

Sometimes Apple device users got forget their Apple ID as they have not only one ID. They have Apple ID for iTunes, app store and other apps. This is a little bit confusing as well especially for first time users. So, we really expect to see iOS 10 to arrive with only one Apple ID for all.

iOS 10 Features

So, these are some of the expected features of iOS 10. However, these are just our wish lists features. The official new features of iOS 10 will soon be updated when it is official.

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