How to take iPad Screenshot

Learning how to take iPad Screenshot is easy and very useful for iPad users. The iPad screenshot feature allows users to capture specific moment happening in the screen which is later shared, kept, or sued.

iPad Screenshot

iPad screenshot actually underwent small change from iOS 6 to iOS 7. That is why screenshot becomes something very problematic. The short procedure that is usually told in any online tutorial is to press and hold power and home button at the same time. However, it is not totally true because it makes the device to go to sleep mode. It is quite annoying especially if the image that wants to be captured is something moving and unrepeatable.

iPad Screenshot Tutorial

The simple procedure is basically to press and hold the power button first then continued by home button millisecond afterwards. Avoiding pressing and holding the power and home button at the same time helps to iPad screenshot. There is definitely an exact moment where screenshot becomes a habit, and there is nothing to think about it. Just keep practicing until you get the sense of it is taking screenshot because each device is slightly different. The main point is that the screenshot is taken after releasing button-pressing on both keys (power and home). After the screenshot is taken, it will be stored and it can be seen in Photos or gallery.

Since it requires the owners to press power and home button, the owners need to know the exact location of all of them. It is rather weird for the owner to not know the button, but the power button is usually located upper part of the device. It is physical button, and it is fairly easy to notice. The home button is also physical button located in the middle bottom of the screen. It is round and is easy to be pressed. IPad screenshot requires both buttons, and that is why it is important to make sure they work well. The home buttons are sometimes quite problematic as it is damaged because of being used frequently. If screenshot does not work, one of the physical buttons may not work so well.

Once iPad screenshot is taken, one can use it to create message-based meme or something like that. It is quite interesting to see various modifications of screenshots shared  in the internet. In addition, the screenshot  can also be used in other programs – rather than messaging – such as games for showing off.

You can also visit Apple support center for more detail on how to take iPad screenshot.

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