How to Pair, Monitor and Charge Apple Pencil

This guide will help you to understand more about how to charge Apple Pencil. The iPad Pro is designed with sensors to detect the Apple Pencil allowing users to write, draw, create sketch and any other things interesting on their iPad.

How to pair Apple pencil to iPad Pro

How to Pair Apple Pencil to iPad Pro Image
Pair Apple Pencil to iPad Pro

To use the Apple Pencil, you need to pair it with your iPad Pro. It is not a difficult thing to do as you simply have to plug it into your iPad. The pencil uses Bluetooth but you don’t have to go check your Bluetooth settings to pair it.

So, here’s how to pair Apple pencil to iPad Pro:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap on Bluetooth
  3. Tap on the switch next to Bluetooth on the Bluetooth settings screen
  4. It will turn to green and the switch moves to the right, if it’s not already turned on
  5. Take off your Apple Pencil’s cap
  6. You will see the pencil’s Lightning connector
  7. Now plug the connector into the iPad Pro’s Lightning connector.
  8. You will see a button pops up on the iPad Pro screen, “Bluetooth Pairing Request”
  9. It will asks if users would like to pair with the iPad
  10. Now tap Pair
  11. That’s it

How to monitor Apple pencil charge

How to monitor Apple pencil charge image
Monitor Apple Pencil Charge

To keep using the pencil, you will need to know how to check the Apple Pencil’s battery. Unfortunately, the pencil doesn’t offer any way to tell how much of a charge is left on its battery. But don’t worry. There is an easy way for you to monitor your Apple Pencil charge from your iPad Pro.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open notification center
  2. You will see a small window on the notification screen that tabs between “Widgets” and “Notifications”
  3. Tap Edit at the bottom of the Widgets list
  4. Tap the Widgets label
  5. Go to “Batteries” section (in the DO NOT INCLUDE section)
  6. Tap the green add button
  7. Tap done
Apple Pencil Battery Level Image
Apple Pencil Battery Level

That’s it and you will see your Apple Pencil’s battery level alongside with your iPad Pro’s battery level.

How to charge Apple pencil

How to Charge Apple Pencil Image
How to Charge Apple Pencil

In the “Batteries” section, you will see the battery power the Apple Pencil. Your Apple Pencil has a cap that can be taken off revealing a Lightning adapter.

If you need to charge the Apple Pencil, you only have to open the cap and insert the Lightning adapter into the Lightning port at the bottom of the iPad. This is the same Lightning port you used to pair the pencil with the iPad.

Now you have many other options to charge the Apple Pencil. A new Apple Pencil charging dock is now available on Moxiware for $29.95. The dock can charge and store your Apple Pencil and is currently available in anodized aluminum. Watch the video for more detail about the dock.

The next options to charge the Apple Pencil is an Apple Pencil Stand and charging dock from Thankscase. It is available at amazon for $25.99 plus $4.99 shipping cost.

This Apple pencil stand lets your Apple Pencil stand and charge. It has a concise design, and is available in silver.

How long does it take to charge Apple pencil?

It doesn’t take a long time to charge the pencil. According to Apple, it only takes about 15 seconds of charging to get 30 minutes of battery life.

So, how long does it take to fully charge the Apple Pencil? It may takes about six to eight minutes to fully charge the Pencil. However, this is based on Apple’s claim of 15 seconds. The company also claims that the fully charged Apple Pencil provides a total of twelve hours of use.

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