How to Draw with Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil, which is designed for use with iPad Pro, is a precision writing and drawing instrument. It contains a range of sensors and is pressure sensitive.  Your Apple Pencil is able to detect how much pressure you are applying when you draw. Here’s the Apple Pencil guide you need to draw with your iPad Pro:

Draw with Apple Pencil Tutorial

Draw with Apple Pencil Tutorial
Draw with Apple Pencil Tutorial

Apple Pencil Tilt Option

To draw with Apple Pencil, you can tilt it to shade your line. You can press more firmly to widen your line. So, you can angle your Apple Pencil and use the side of the tip for shading. You can use Adobe Sketch or Apple’s iOS 10 Notes app to enjoy the shading feature.

Apple Pencil Force Option

The first feature you can enjoy on Apple Pencil is force. You can press your iPad Pro screen harder to get wider result. This feature will only work with the pencil but not with your finger. You can draw light strokes and will get fine lines. If you press down on the Apple Pencil, you will get heavy ones.

Use Built-in Apps and Apps from the App Store

You will enjoy your drawing more with some built-in apps and apps from the App Store. For example, the Notes and Mail apps which will help you to easily create note and draw with Apple pencil on your iPad Pro. Adobe Sketch can help you to get the perfect shading. Paper by FiftyThree app can help you to get perfect shapes like line, circles, squares and triangles.

Draw Anywhere on The Screen

You can use the whole screen of your iPad Pro to draw anything you like even if you draw near the edge of the screen. Drawing in these areas won’t activate Control Center, Notification Center, or Multitasking.

Enjoy Palm-Rejection Technology

Your Apple Pencil arrives with palm-rejection technology which allows your hand, arm, and fingers to sit over the screen when you draw. So, you can freely put your hand, arm and fingers at the screen when you draw.

Create Straight Lines and Perfect Shapes

With the Notes and Mail apps on iOS, you can now add drawings and inking as of iOS 10. Here are things you can do with the app:

  • To create a straight line, imply tap on the ruler icon and use two fingers to place it where you want. You can also rotate it with the two fingers.
  • To draw a line along the edge of the ruler, use your Apple Pencil and you will have it automatically straightened.
  • To create a new note, simply tap the new note button in the upper right corner.

To get perfect shapes, you can also use Paper by FiftyThree app at here.

Happy drawing!

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