How to Connect iPad to HDMI

There are many ways to connect iPad to HDMI. But today we will discuss about how to connect iPad to HDMI using cable. iPad is being a smart device where many people have it in order to do their works even for having the entertainment stuffs. Through the iPad, we can see the video like a movie, television series and many more in it.

iPad to HDMI

Here, we are going to discuss about connecting iPad to HDMI. Through the HDMI, we can see our iPad display on the Television, Computer monitor, LCD and many more. However, seeing about the plug-in connector for iPad, we don’t see that there is a capability to connect the iPad into HDMI. But, everything is possible; we can have some stuff to help us connect iPad to our HDMI screen.

How to Connect iPad to HDMI

In order to connect the iPad to HDMI, Apple offers some options where people can have their HDMI connection with using cable and streaming using Wi-Fi connection.

To connect our iPad to our HDMI screen via Cable, we have four options of television adapter. The first is about composite adapter. This kind of adapter is just like the adapter for cylinder television that has standard 4:3 size. This adapter has a dock port at the edge, a USB cable for the power and RCA plugs for stereo sound (white and red) and for video (yellow).

The second is Component Adapter which is used for television which produced in transition era that is the analog television with high resolution. This adapter has a dock port at the edge, USB cable for the power or sync and RCA plugs for stereo (white and red) and video (red, green and blue).

The third is VGA Adapter. This adapter is used for old model television, computer, and also the projector which has a VGA standard support. This adapter has a dock port at the edge, and VGA plug at another edge for video. This kind of adapter has no audio plug that makes we need to add 3.5mm on RCA stereo adapter. Using this cable, just video application that can be ran by using this cable like iPod, Air Video, etc).

The fourth is HDMI adapter. This is also called as Apple Digital AV Adapter. This is the newest Apple accessory to support the standard model television up to 1080p. So, you have many choices to connect your iPad to HDMI using cable.

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