Download Movies to iPad without Jail Breaking

Download Movies to iPad

One of the most interesting to do in leisure time is to download movies to iPad. Now, we can easily download the box office movies to our iPad. Today, we are going to talk about download movies to iPad easily without jail breaking.

Of course, using this Apple smart device, we can download the movies inside the device. Besides, we can are have a live streaming without buffering using a good internet connection. So, what kind of application needed for Download Movies to iPad? It is Movie Box.

download movies to ipad

Why MovieBox? This application has some benefits for Download Movies to iPad. Using this application, we can have a free download and live streaming freely without jailbreak. This application brings a high definition quality and we can set the mode as well as we want about the resolution.

Using this application, we can have high quality film without buffering. This is also good for downloading more than one files. Besides movies, we can also download other files like mp3, mp4, YouTube video, TV series. O, it is not only for download movies to iPad.

However, for those who don’t modify their operating system especially iOS 7 and 8, here, we will show the trick to download movies to iPad without Jailbreak. First, we will make sure that our iOS has been on and go to the Setting. Choose General and turn off the Set Automatically options on menu Time and Date. Then, set the date. Next, open browser which we will use to the site of MovieBox. After the appearance on the main screen, we can click the Install Automatically button in order to set the MovieBox can move automatically to our iPad.

Choose Install Now when the notification appears. After the installation, if there is a question about the application, choose trust and allow to make this application run into our iPad. Afterall, go to Setting and General, set the date into automatic and finally we can download movies to iPad without jailbreak.

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