Apple Pencil Setup Guide

Apple Pencil Setup Guide – The incredible apple pencil is the additional but very useful gadget for iPad pro, that add-on is subject to provide additional functionality to iPad Pro. Apple pencil is developed and designed to write text and draw objects with ease and amazing flexibility, that pencil is backed with the power of tilt control and pressure sensitivity. How to use that pencil, is not the long installation process and to accept terms & conditions, etc. just uncap it and then simply plug into your iPad Pro, so simple.

However, if you are very sensitive about your iPad Pro and pencil, following are easy Apple pencil guides for you:

Apple Pencil Setup Guide

Apple Pencil Setup Guide
Apple Pencil

Pair up your Pencil with iPad Pro

  • Detach the cap from the pencil back.
  • Insert the Pencil light connector into the iPad light connector.
  • Confirm the connectivity, if the popup appears on the iPad screen.

Please note, you can use the single pencil at a time. However, the connecting process will be the same if you want to use any other iPad. The same process will be repeated, if you wish to plug any other pencil after removing the first one.

Checking battery level

There is no any type of standalone charging indicator on that pencil, you need to check the power level on your iPad screen means that there is no any type of light indicator that shows your low battery level.

To popup the notification area, you need to swipe down from the bezel’s top.

On the top right area, tap the widget button. And on the right side, watch the battery section.

Charging the Pencil

Charging The Apple Pencil

You just need to plug in the pencil, if need to recharge it. You have two options to do:

  • Uncap the pencil and connect its light connector into the iPad light connector port.

Alternatively, you can use a charging adaptor for recharging your pencil but it is highly recommended to use the exact branded charger that arrives with the pencil.

For charging by adaptor you need to uncap the pencil.

Use pencil light connector to connect with the adapter.

Usually, you get 30 min for working after having 15 min recharging, but it is advisable to charge your pencil up to 8-10 hours to use it for a long time.

Using Pencil

Using Apple Pencil

That advanced pencil works alike the traditional pencil but with dazzling functioning.

You can use the pencil tip to use and navigate icons and elements on your iPad screen. But it not so flexible like your finger swipe and other gesture based navigations. For writing or drawing, you need to pick the tip of your pencil onto your iPad screen and just move slightly.

For darker results, you need to press the pencil tip with some pressure on the iPad screen and for getting the broader line, use the same procedure.

On sideways, tilt the pencil, touch it on the screen and do shading on the specific areas.

But that pencil doesn’t support capacitive multi-touch; hence, you need to use your finger for normal navigations but can use both your finger and pencil, simultaneously.

Detaching the pencil form iPad

Detaching the pencil form iPad

Apple pencil tutorial how to detach the pencil form iPad. It is powered with auto un-pairing functioning, it gets auto un-pair if you pair any other pencil with iPad or if you use that pencil to any other iPad.

However, there is also a manual option for un-pairing such as:

Popup the setting on your iPad and tap Bluetooth then info button to the right of the pencil in ‘My Device’ area.

Then tap forget and that’s it.

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