Apple Pencil Holder

Apple Pencil Holder – Compared to other stylus available in the market, Apple Pencil has unmatched sensitivity. It has the ability to sense multiple layers of pressure, as well as the angle and orientation of the pen. The pencil is the company’s first official solution for handwriting, drawing, and precision input on iPads beyond finger touches and gestures. However, the pencil is not always attached to the iPad Pro just like the Smart keyboard.

Apple Pencil Holder Alternative

We need apple pencil holder to keep the pencil safely attached to the iPad. Here’s some of apple pencil holder options available for you:

1. Apple Pencil Magnet

Apple Pencil Holder - Apple Pencil Magnet Image

Apple pencil magnet is one of the great solutions to attach the pencil to iPad. It is available at for $16.95 in white, black, blue, green, yellow and red. This apple pencil holder has magnetic sleeve which will allow you to easily attach your pencil to the iPad Pro.

You can attach the pencil securely to the front and back of the iPad. It is easy to install as you simply have to slide the sleeve on the pencil. Attaching the pencil to your iPad will prevents loss or damage of your pencil. Watch the video below for more detail about the Apple pencil magnet.

2. CoverBuddy

iPad CoverBuddy has an apple pencil holder image

iPad CoverBuddy has an apple pencil holder at the back of the case. It compliments both the Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil. Users will be able to safely attach their pencil in an out on either side. The case is made of light Polycarbonate and is only 1.5 mm thick.
This Apple Pencil holder also allow users to enjoy the sketch board mode. Measured 31 x 22 x 2.1 cm, it is compatible with Smart Keyboard and Smart Cover and is available for US$ 39.99.

3. Quarter Apple Pencil Dock and Protective Cap

Apple Pencil Dock and Protective Cap Image

This docking system connects iPad Pro and Apple Pencil seamlessly. It protects the pencil tip from external damage. It can easily attach your Apple Pencil to your iPad. Basically, it is a tiny piece of plastic that connects to iPad Pro Lighting port. This apple pencil holder also gives you a place to store your Pencil upright when you’re sketching, writing or designing. You can easily store and use your pencil while working with it.

Those are apple pencil holder options you can use to attach your pencil to iPad. Choose the pencil holder that best suit your need and budget.


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