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Apple Pencil is one of the great iPad Pro’s accessories which lets you make some effects, right down to a single pixel, giving you more creative freedom than ever before. That’s what the company claims about the pencil. In fact, Apple Pencil is an interesting digital stylus which will help you to easily create any sketch or drafting a blueprint or do anything else with your iPad Pro.

However, there is one simple problem about the pencil. The iPad Pro’s Smart Keyboard is always attached to the iPad Pro but not with the pencil. Of course we can just put it on our bag or pocket but sometimes we are afraid that this will reduce the Pencil’s utility. Besides, putting Apple Pencil in our pocket without any clip is not recommended as we might drop it somewhere and we have to spend another $99 to get the new one.

Apple Pencil Clip Price

Apple Pencil Clip Image
Apple Pencil Clip Image

One of the easiest and cheapest solutions to bring or keep your Apple Pencil with you is Apple Pencil Clip. Adding a pen clip to the Pencil will allow you to attach it to the dedicated pen loops in your bags and would help keep the Pencil more visible at all times.

One of Apple Pencil clip you can use is Fisher Chrome Clip. This is one of clips that works on Apple Pencil. It attaches easily to the Apple Pencil and is available for $2 only at Fisher. You simply have to remove the cap that covers the Lightning connector and then slide it down a little bit.

Slide the clip up and down to find the best spot and you will find it easy to clip the Apple Pencil to your shirt pocket. It has almost the same color with the pencil so it will be a fine match. Don’t worry about the safety of your Apple pencil as attaching it won’t scratch or damage the Pencil.

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