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iOS Accessories Reviews

iOS Accessories Reviews – Apple handsets arrive alongside with some accessories to make them complete. Here we will guide you well to get closer with Apple handsets accessories. The iPad Pro is currently the newest, biggest and the fastest iPad to date. It arrives with some interesting accessories that will help maximizing the use of the handset.

Apple pencil for iPad Pro is one of them. It is a stylus made specifically for the iPad Pro which has special sensors allowing users to draw thicker or thinner lines. Apple said that the Apple pencil has twelve hours of battery life and has virtually no lag.

The Apple Pencil helps enhancing the productivity of your iPad Pro, so this is a must have accessories for iPad Pro owners. You can use for drawing or sketching, which is perfect for art works. You can simply charge it using the provided lightning adaptor. To get the complete guide about how to use the Apple Pencil for iPad Pro, you can visit Apple Pencil manual guide. We will also provide you with some Apple Pencil tutorial so you can maximize your productivity.

iOS Accessories Reviews

One of iOS accessories is Apple Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro. It is also one of the best Apple accessories you should have. It can works as a keyboard, viewing stand and protective case for your iPad Pro. It uses Smart Connector to connect to your iPad Pro, and no Bluetooth required. It can keep your iPad Pro clean as well as protecting the screen. You simply have to attach the Smart Keyboard and start typing. If you wish to learn more about the smart keyboard for iPad Pro, you can visit Apple Smart Keyboard tips and tutorial. This accessories is also one of the best accessories for your iPad Pro.

iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case is one of iPhone 6s accessories that will help improving your iPhone’s battery life. According to Apple site, it has the soft microfiber lining which helps protect your iPhone, as well as the soft elastomer hinge design which makes it easy to put the case on and take it off again.

You simply have to charge your iPhone and battery case simultaneously and you will be able to get up to 25 hours increased talk time. You will also be able to get up to 18 hours Internet use on LTE, as well as longer audio and video playback.

Apple completes its handsets with many useful and interesting accessories that will help maximizing the use of your Apple handsets. You can easily find some accessories for your iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro, iPod, iPad Mini, Apple Watch and other Apple handsets. We will provide you with complete information about Apple accessories as well as the Apple accessories tutorial and manual guide.